17I’m Brendan Schoon and I started photographing because I wanted to visualize my thoughts about how the world would look like through a lens. During my free time I’m a very active photographer who mainly focusses his expertise on landscape photography. I like to hike in the mountains and shoot pictures on outlying areas where the cellular network is minimal.

Although the focus lies on landscape photography I have been asked to photograph several business processes for different companies and have done a few photoshoots. Creating satisfying and enthusiastic photographs are the main objective for now and will really express your company or the person in the image.

 Prices are low plus, although this is rare in the photography world, you will get the original image without any extra charges. Please contact me when you are interested. You can also buy some of my best work at several websites and become the owner of a wonderful landscape on your wall. Please check out the Shop for more detailed information.

If you cannot find the size you want on these websites, please contact me and we will sort something out. I have several other contacts that can print high end quality images on any size.